Adekunle Gold - Okay

'Okay’ is taken from Adekunle Gold’s album ‘Afro Pop Vol 1’ Listen here:
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(Verse 1) Stacking up my money no time for your shit monikulopo I don’t care for your hate me no fighting (me no fighting) throwing tantrums from bungalow boda ode I dey my penthouse you can’t even reach me me nor frightened it is not your fight stand down I’m not the one calm down you know i’m not your problem you can’t be me why bother Don’t have your time now now oole mumi bow down toba n binu farabale or boya ko lari mo le

(Chorus) Okay Okay issokay let them say Trouble no dey pay me kin jaiye on a daily Okay Okay we go dey okay I just wan jaiye mi loke loke

(Verse 2) na craze you dey find I get times 2 you dey eye me Let me remind you no dey try me (bruh) To ba rimi Ko ma beri you got my attention now what you gon’ do you dey tension but sho’le ja kungfu Oga cool it down down cos me no fighting it’s not your fight stand down I’m not the one calm down you know i’m not your problem you can’t be me why bother Don’t have your time now now oole mumi bow down toba n binu farabale or boya ko lari mo le

(Chorus) Okay Okay issokay let them say Trouble no dey pay me kin jaiye on a daily Okay Okay we go dey okay I just wan jaiye mi loke loke

Music video by Adekunle Gold performing Okay. An EMI Records recording; © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

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    • Check out the lyrics video... most part is in English... other few in Yoruba

      Dominion OgunjinrinDominion Ogunjinrin21 күн мурун
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    • @Dominion Ogunjinrin thank you I'm learning the language on KGcode

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