Ferencvároi vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

If you can cope without injured superstars, rest Messi and Ter Stegen, coax increasingly assured and excellent scoring performances from Braithwaite and Griezmann and continue to introduce academy youngsters then what more can be asked. Great work Mr Koeman, things are going nicely.
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    Lucas CasteloLucas Castelo18 күн мурун
  • It sounds like a training match without the crowd

    Ishaan DalviIshaan DalviАй мурун
  • Damn, Leonel Messi's the best player in the world

    Jean HernandezJean HernandezАй мурун
  • Where’s Messi ):

    Matthew GrandaMatthew GrandaАй мурун
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    Gregorio SevillaGregorio SevillaАй мурун
  • 0:45 Is no one going to talk about this Tiki Taka?!?!🔥🔥🔥

    Rock girlRock girlАй мурун
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    Gabriel CotolanGabriel CotolanАй мурун
  • Dest is such an upgrade over Semedo. Even just having the threat on the right, opens up Alba on the left to do more. Underrating signing imo

    kolim jonekolim joneАй мурун
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    Tania CroweTania CroweАй мурун
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    Slim JonesSlim JonesАй мурун
  • we winning this shit this year

    eric glideeric glideАй мурун
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      kolim jonekolim joneАй мурун
  • When did Chris Brown start playing soccer?

    Enrique RuizEnrique RuizАй мурун
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    Rebekah NivensRebekah NivensАй мурун
  • 7:38 Nobody gonna talk about how in sync these 2 were

    King Cringe FrancisKing Cringe FrancisАй мурун
  • Dembeles potential is mad high if he works hard

    Kevin CanoKevin CanoАй мурун
  • UCL Barca would probably beat La Liga Barca about 7-0

    Drew CastronovoDrew CastronovoАй мурун
  • wow- Barca winning small team 😂

    InthezalInthezalАй мурун
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    Dusty RaderDusty RaderАй мурун
  • Is it me or they looked more confident/free when playing without Messi? 😅

    Cause_Im_CarlosCause_Im_CarlosАй мурун
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    Asanurkhan MetaersonamAsanurkhan MetaersonamАй мурун
  • Lord Braithwaite cant stop scoring now!

    Ryan NguyenRyan NguyenАй мурун
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    MIke BMIke BАй мурун
  • if dembele has the ego to be the worlds best player, he will be better than ronaldo but he has to want it and work for it! great player who is on the cusp of phenomenal

    ggАй мурун
  • Griezman with that Deion Sanders dance ayyyee

    Rap TorRap TorАй мурун
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    Cassandra LymanCassandra LymanАй мурун
  • The future of Barça. Build a Messi statue, change the stadium’s name and tattoo his face On Bartomeu’s butt cheek, but let the guy go somewhere else.

    N GN GАй мурун
  • No fun to watch without Messi.

    V PV PАй мурун
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    Nina KatieNina KatieАй мурун
  • I can't be the only one that sees the insane chemistry between Jordi Alba & Dembele. They were both having fun on the left side. Creating many chances together.

    grixlgrixlАй мурун
  • Where is fati

    Genet BeyeneGenet BeyeneАй мурун
    • @Don Pablo damn bro still

      Genet BeyeneGenet BeyeneАй мурун
    • Still injured

      Don PabloDon PabloАй мурун
  • Matrix glitch @ 7:37

    Juan RicoyJuan RicoyАй мурун
  • 7:38 Trincao and Puig were in perfect sync

    areliventareliventАй мурун
  • I'm sure that Griezmann backheel meg is good enough to shut up that stupid Odegaard21 clown

    Benjamin GongBenjamin GongАй мурун
  • Plssss stop playing trincao, he doesn’t know how to shoot the ball

    Khalid Abou-KhamisKhalid Abou-KhamisАй мурун
  • For all the people out there asking themselves why dembele kicked the pen with his right foot, he says he kicks pens better with his right foot but for everything else he uses his left

    JJ BrothersJJ BrothersАй мурун
  • Barca should have scored so many more goals this game.

  • Where’s Messi

    Brady HawkinsBrady HawkinsАй мурун
  • That’s the truth when you have a great coach you win without Messi them stopped coach rely on Messi to much good job coman you should take care of Barcelona before that

    Roudelet RemyRoudelet RemyАй мурун
  • Barcelona...only elite against small clubs

    Jesseg0815Jesseg0815Ай мурун
  • 7:39 that synchronization though

    Pradibya ShresthaPradibya ShresthaАй мурун
  • 7:39 coordination

    Filippo IacovielloFilippo IacovielloАй мурун
  • This W and Braithwaite scoring don't mean absolutely nothing it was a garbage team they played. Suarez should still be the number 9 and Koeman should be and will be sacked soon for trying to bring in only Dutch players. I have spoken.

    Danny GonzDanny GonzАй мурун
  • Barcelona are better without Messi.

    OriginalGamerGuyOriginalGamerGuyАй мурун
  • Delicious goal by Griezmann. Spectacular performance by the midfield

    Prosper ChenjerayiProsper ChenjerayiАй мурун

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireАй мурун
  • Griezmann is really starting to fit in

    Joji _V2Joji _V2Ай мурун
  • Dembouzzzzz

    Djambra DolloDjambra DolloАй мурун
  • Everyone talking about Braithwaite being a goal scoring machine. Yes while he is doing very good let’s wait and see if he can score against teams like atleti and Madrid or tougher opponents in the UCL. Same with Antoine and Dembele. Then we can talk.

    FIFAJOSH - Gaming - Vlogs - And MoreFIFAJOSH - Gaming - Vlogs - And MoreАй мурун
  • Martin is so strong wtf

    alexx 19alexx 19Ай мурун
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    oneee clickkoneee clickkАй мурун
  • Are we going to Ignore the fact that After the 3rd goal the quality of the game Dropped for both teams? I haven't see barca play like this in at least 3 years. But after the 3rd goal they went back to the barca we have today. There was no Real leadership from within the field nor the Bench. Koeman did push the team either after the 3rd goal.

    R. Daniel SejasR. Daniel SejasАй мурун
  • 7:39 Puig and Trincao, proof 2020 is a simulation

    Kevin SeguraKevin SeguraАй мурун
  • when he played his first game I knew he was gonna be good and I’m so shocked he didn’t get an actual chance until now, a year later

    BoogerzBoogerzАй мурун
  • Not to disrespect anyone here, but MY GOD! English commentators are boring dead. Nothing like watching a match on fox deportes or univision. #g⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️L

    Dariel SalazarDariel SalazarАй мурун
  • Dembele was insane this game, and also Puig is one of a kind. He reminds me of Odegard and has immense potential to be top.

    Diego LugoDiego LugoАй мурун
  • Honestly the goals weren't even good just shit defending.

    Yonatan FigueroaYonatan FigueroaАй мурун
  • why do they play in the ugly yellow man

    Optimus PrimeOptimus PrimeАй мурун
  • so we just going to ignore how trincao and puig started running at the same time? 7:39

    LUKALUKAАй мурун
  • 🌟king martin🌟

    Vegar DavaranVegar DavaranАй мурун
  • He a like to rəhmtdi maradona 🌟martin braithwaite🌟

    Vegar DavaranVegar DavaranАй мурун
  • The commentary went back to 200AD At the start

    Tahmidur ArafTahmidur ArafАй мурун
  • Where’s Ansu fati?

    Jose LopezJose LopezАй мурун
  • My boi dembouz is finally back... 🥺🥺🥺

  • Ricky Puig is so incredibly underestimated.

    Angel CamberosAngel CamberosАй мурун
  • Whit out messi Barcelona play good

    Mr. J SanangoMr. J SanangoАй мурун
  • Dembele has the capability of being a monster. Hope hes able to prove the haters wrong at barca. Braithwaite too hes a true no9 with speed exactly what we need

    Margaret MargaretMargaret MargaretАй мурун
  • I bet that barca would score more than 3, its like they knew that and purposely missed al those shots 😂

    skinnymon123skinnymon123Ай мурун
  • See this kids play awesome,why to much drama with messi just let him go.this kids need a chance

    Antonio PachecoAntonio PachecoАй мурун
  • Barcelona plays better without Messi ...

    Marcos PerezMarcos PerezАй мурун
  • If Dembele could just stay healthy he would continue to progress. I feel he’s destined to be up there with Mbappe years to come as real Barca fans expected when he first came. His health is just so questionable

    PutSomeOnionsOnThatBeachPutSomeOnionsOnThatBeachАй мурун
  • i still to this day don’t know if dembele is right or left footed lol

    DeVarionDeVarionАй мурун
  • Sergino Dest is a Top 5 RB in the world!!

    Almighty JAlmighty JАй мурун
  • Man.. that ball control at 1:34 by Alba

    Somnambulist9Somnambulist9Ай мурун
  • i aint saying anything but did griezman did sanders dance??

    Joseph RojasJoseph RojasАй мурун
  • Can we all take a moment to take a moment

    amt Snamt SnАй мурун
  • I saw a comment that says Martin Was a joke , I want to clarify that he was never a joke,they just took him for one ,but he had his head up and stayed focus proved them wrong his not the best player in the world but not a joke

    KeRv LOKeRv LOАй мурун
  • Say what you want about Braithewhite, the first thing he did was look for demebele when they marked a penalty. Team player

  • There’s the Dembele I was waiting to see

    Osiel GarciaOsiel GarciaАй мурун
  • As a messi fan . He is the goat but his time and his role has come . He needs to know and be able to impact the game when needed. Less touches . Less time on the field . This team today played unreliable on messi and that’s how it needs to be every game . It’s weird I know we don’t want to see him have a less essential role on the team but it’s looking that way.

    Marshall GarciaMarshall GarciaАй мурун
  • Antoine doing the Dieone Sanders celebration dance lol

    sky gustosky gustoАй мурун
  • Good to see young players developing....Dembele was off target so much though.

    Edward AguirreEdward AguirreАй мурун
  • good win but messi is still leaving lmao

    Next GamingNext GamingАй мурун
  • De jong is super overrated they play better without him

    TheWaynebarryTheWaynebarryАй мурун
  • Good game overall but ! For those who’s saw the game man. Oh man !! Did Barcelona miss multiple chances !! This game could’ve easily been 6-0 first half !

    Red BeastRed BeastАй мурун
  • How does Messi fit in this team and thrive? Barca cant go back to pass to Messi game style here after.

    ram mohan mram mohan mАй мурун
  • I’m not trying to come off as an As*hole but I’ve literally seen the same 2 horribly annoying comments at least 50 times in the last 20min: “WHY ISN’T MESSI PLAYING???” & “WHO WILL (enter team) PLAY IN THE ROUND OF 16?? I’ll admit it’s starting to irritate me especially since it would take anyone of you 5 maybe 10 minutes to find both answers. However, for the sake of being helpful and to prevent myself from pulling my hair out I’ll save you the trouble and answer both questions to the best of my ability. Annoying Question #1 “WHY ISN’T MESSI PLAYING? Reason 1: Barca just played a La Liga match on Sunday & play another on Saturday. (Messi needs some rest with 3 games in less than 1 week) Reason 2: Barca has already advanced to the round of 16 and they knew this even before today’s match began. Reason 3: You could argue that they still haven’t mathematically clinched 1st place in Group G over Juventus yet so Messi should have played to ensure that. However, they were well aware of how good their odds were considering going into today they were 3 pts ahead of Juve, they’ve already beaten Juve 2-0, and they still play each other one more time. Up To Date: Barca and Juve both won today so Barca maintained their 3pt lead over Juve which means the only way Barca won’t finish atop the group is if Juve defeats Barca next week by a 3 goal margin. Additional Information: History has shown finishing 1st in your group rather than 2nd does not give you an advantage, in fact it hardly has any impact at all with one possible exception: This is only my opinion but this year in particular I believe the one slight advantage to finishing 1st in your group is that you are guaranteed to avoid having to play Bayern Munich next round. WHO WILL PLAY WHO IN THE ROUND OF 16?: - They start by placing the 8 winners of each group together and the 8 runner ups together. Then they begin to randomly draw to see which winner will face which runner up. However, there are a couple specific rules built into the draw to prevent certain teams from playing one another. -A team cannot play the team that was in their group (Barca cannot play Juve next round, PSG cannot play Man U) ect. - Teams who are from the same domestic league cannot play one another either. (Chelsea cannot play Man City, Bayern cannot play Dortmund) ect. Conclusion: The draw for the round of 16 is basically a “spin the wheel, blindfolded, random crapshoot.” Not to mention every team remaining is a formidable club and will be a tough opponent for anyone. Once teams are matched up they will play 2 legs (One Home and One Away) ** I genuinely hope that not only helped some people but also saved them some time. Apologies if I forgot anything or if anything I said was incorrect. ** I also genuinely hope I see a lot less of those two very annoying comments/questions I mentioned earlier. **Happy Holidays to everyone and best of luck to everyone’s favorite team! But most importantly, LET’S GO CHELSEA!!!!!!

    Anthony RandiAnthony RandiАй мурун
  • Barca team with talented and hungry youngsters can compete for all cups. It becomes weakened with Pique, Roberto and Busquets.

    ram mohan mram mohan mАй мурун
  • this martin braithwaite lad looks decent

    Andrew WenAndrew WenАй мурун
  • I still can’t believe braithwaite is a Barca player

    Michael OlajideMichael OlajideАй мурун
  • How many subs do they allow to make nowadays??

    Lyn ZhuLyn ZhuАй мурун
  • Griezman looking better

    Slayer _Boss12Slayer _Boss12Ай мурун
  • Why FCB is playing in the last season's jerseys? Perhaps, their current ones are in the laundry. 😂

    Marcin CzechowiczMarcin CzechowiczАй мурун
  • Where is Messi? 🤔

    Zion LeeZion LeeАй мурун
  • I’ve always knew braithwaite was a great player. Insane in fifa and finally getting his shot irl. He’s a monster everytime he’s played for Barca

    Aaron AdamsAaron AdamsАй мурун
  • Dembele has two left feet

    mstafa devmstafa devАй мурун
  • Can someone explain why they have the 19/20 kit

    MarfloMarfloАй мурун
  • Barcelona have been improving since the start of the season taking it game by game slowly transitioning to a ‘messi less’ team. All the young players are slowly gaining confidence and koman is handling the team great.

    Big homie SouljaBig homie SouljaАй мурун
  • The only player that i don't miss is coutinho

    harley rodriguezharley rodriguezАй мурун
  • So This what happens when you don’t have Messi, dam crazy

    Martin SotoMartin SotoАй мурун
  • Dembele was amazing today but I think we know what would have happened if he had shot that😂 *cough cough* Liverpool *cough cough*

    Joseph PedrazaJoseph PedrazaАй мурун