Q&A with Grey: Ten Years Later

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  • Thank you to everyone for supporting the channel all these years! - If you're a member, there's a couple deleted questions on Patreon: www.patreon.com/posts/48076548 and KGcode: kgcode.info/stream/ioWxkJVllqhph6U/video.html

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    • Hi I’m 21 now :)

      StoneyTheBearStoneyTheBear13 күн мурун
    • Hey CGP I've been watching this channel since the time you explained how to become the pope and learned that it's impossible for me. Really been enjoying your content. I was curious about how you keep reading more than usual. I love learning new stuff but reading can be such a bore sometimes and I just stick to videogames. I have an easier time because they're a bit more competitive. Any way to use that for my reading issue. Any advice from fans would be helpful too.

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  • At the end he sound most human I ever heard him be.

    Very Polite Duck PLVery Polite Duck PL6 саат мурун
  • i just realized the second time the choice question was asked he said Why not both?

    Mr. Nobody DXMr. Nobody DX7 саат мурун
  • Loved the little crack in the voice at the end. Keep up being epic, an inspiration for all aspiring and current educators

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  • hi whats up a watching-majority-of-their-life person

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  • damn that thankyou at the end gave me the feels

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  • Dang Now I Want A Lava Lamp

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  • I'm 19, and yeah, I guess I've been watching for more than half of my life. Wild.

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  • We have to keep watching his explain the Uk video until it's number 1 again. He can never escape it.

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  • Hi, I am one of those teenagers who has been watching you for most of my life.

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  • I came back to binge rewatch all your videos and "por que no los dos?" still makes me laugh as hard as the first time. So much I had to replay it again this time around! Great job Grey for such a goody, short answer.

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  • dude has anyone just not known it was CGP Grey and kept mentally saying CPG Gray?

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  • Hello grey I've been watching for a majority of my life and I think your videos are pretty neat

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  • thankyou for all the amazing videos

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  • Saying hi in the comments! Been watching your videos since I was 15... 9 years ago. Thanks for being such a major part of my life growing up!

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  • i have watched your videos the majority of my life, hi.

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  • You're welcome CGP Grey

    Pieter KoornhofPieter Koornhof4 күн мурун
  • Hi, been watching your videos sense I was 12. You have always had super intresting things to learn about. My history teacher got me intrested in your channel btw. Keep being awesome Grey!

    Bat ChatsBat Chats4 күн мурун
  • Happy 10 years anniversary, and now.. go teach us in the next 10 years again

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  • hi i am teenager that has watched your videos for majority of my life

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  • this channel and us mean so much to him that he was tearing up at the end

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  • Thank you for all the amazing content! Ill keep coming back for another 10 years :) really looking forward to showing your videos to my kid when hes old enough!

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  • Started when I was 9, I'm 17 now... Feels weird mann

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  • I’m 21 and I’ve been watching since I was 11 it’s been so cool to grow up alongside this channel

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  • Rough estimate is that I have been watching your channel for over 60% of my life so uhhh Hi! :)

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  • I have adhd to the ceiling/lava lamp thing for me is sooooo true

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  • hi. Recently turned 18 sooo idk.

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  • This guy seems like an awesome teacher

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  • hello grey, you taught more to me stuff on youtube than i learned in school from ages 12-19, glad i found you in 7th grade like i did

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  • Wow... its been 10 years of me coming back to this channel here and there. I cant believe its been that long! It aint much but you finally have my subscription.

    KeanuKeanu6 күн мурун
  • How did CGP Grey make videos when he is 10 years old. This is an amazing accomplishment. He came out of the womb with the lexicon of an 8th grader and made videos when he was less than 1 year old. It really makes you think.

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  • I am one month late hi grey

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  • hello for the people whom have watched you for most of their life, at the very least from what i can remember. i most likely barely qualify but KGcode have been my main for entertainment since back in the days of FRED so yea, hello.

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  • hi. 75% of my knowledge is from this channel.

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  • 48% of my life

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  • I am in love with your video’s! The way you are doing your research is amazing with results like this. Is there a way I can connect with you to ask questions?

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  • Finally got around to watching this video. And I felt like after how much I binge your channel, I need to support you.

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  • Porqué no los dos?

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  • I was 9 when ypu first started this channel I only started watching KGcode in about 2012 however I have watched ypu since then so thank you 😊

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  • Yay for lava lamps in the classroom.

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  • Well, I bet I’m not the only one who wants to see Mr. Grey on facecam. I think you have billions reasons to not do but well. I hope someday you can at least answer to this :) Your channel politics literally struck me ! I’m following now :)

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  • Thank you so much for the educational entertainment.

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  • 6:01 Spanish for: "Why can't we have both?"

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