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A soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.
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Songs Lyrics:
Wetin be love if you nor dey ooo
(If you nor dey)
It's really not the same
Oh-ooh no I never thought
Thought that I could love
Anybody, the way that, I love you
So completely
Oh my baby (my baby)
You are the funmilayo ooo
You give me joy o
And nobody know me more
Nobody knows me more than you
Oh baby... kose lo miron ooo
No one, no one completes me more
No one completes me more than you-ooou
(ohohooh...) If I no get you
It's like the sun without the light
It's like the moon without the night
Cause I need you in my life (ohohooh...)
If I no get you... it's like faith without believe
Like a heart without a beat
What's a heart without a beat?
[Verse 2]
Wetin be love if you no show ooo
(if you no show)
Like water wey no dey flow
Oh-oh-ooh I never knew say one day na you
Wey go be mine... forever
I want you so completely
Oh my baby ooo
Iwo lo kpami lerin ooo
You make me smile
Nobody loves you more
Nobody loves you more than me my baby
(my baby) kose lo miron, no one
And no one completes you more
No one completes you more than me-e
(ohohooh...) If I no get you
It's like the sun without the light
It's like the moon without the night
Cause I need you in my life (ohohooh...)
If I no get you... it's like faith without believe
Like a heart without a beat
What's a heart without a beat?
Shey na love, if no be you
If no be you oooou
And you complete me
You complete me-eeeee
(ohohooh...) If I no get you
It's like the sky without the stars
O-ooh, cause I need you in my life
(ohohooh...) If I no get you
It's not loving a part
(ohohooh...) If I nor get you-oou
Wetin I go do-oooou
Cause I need you in my life
(ohohooh...) If I no get you
It's like a heart without a beat
Without you I no go fit
Cause what's a heart without a beat?

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    Mlinda C MsowoyaMlinda C Msowoya13 күн мурун
  • This was my best track. I always played it for the rush of joy it gave me. Now it makes me cry since l lost my mom August 24, 2020. Her death has made me realise that "l loved completely". She was my heartbeat, yes, l was suicidal after her death. And yes l am now on the path of recovery.

    Gracious GraceGracious Grace26 күн мурун
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  • This song is this most beautiful ❤️ I've ever had the pleasure of listening to my husband Ariel Ovie sent it to me it's the most beautiful gift I've ever been given

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  • Me gusta mucho su voz la canción la melodía de su voz es mi dulce por favor traducirla al castellano

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