Only The Family & Lil Durk - Hellcats & Trackhawks (Official Video)

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Shot by @Jerryphd
I remember claiming Dipset (Let's get it)
I had some bitches on my line, I told them bitches get they lips wet (Bitch, get your lips wet)
Lock that door, where them bows at? (Let's get it)
Search for his gun, where his pole at? (Where his pole at?)
We on his ass, where his shows at? (Where his shows at?)
He get away, we on his ass, where he parole at? (Where hе parole at?)
I be hatin' when thеse rappers call these rappers brothers (Brothers)
Only The Family in my eyes, bitch, we got each other (Yeah)
I popped a Perc' and drunk a gallon, man, that hurt my stomach (Man, what?)
Doin' the dash inside the Lamb', that shit had make me vomit (Yeah, yeah)
Fuck from the back, I pull her hair, she screamin' while she cummin' (She cummin')
Got foenem' G-locks, they be clutchin' every time they servin' (Gang)
With all that rah-rah, like you like that, come around, you nervous (On gang)
Sneaky talkin' like you like that, now you actin' turtle (On gang)
Yeah, you ain't like that, you ain't catch a murder
Opps be threatenin' me in my DM, we ain't never worried (We ain't never worried)
Bleed, free Lil Steve, yeah, I call him Curry (Curry)
He be to himself but he'll catch a murder (Catch a murder)
I'm smokin' weed, I don't fuck with dirty (Fuck with dirty)
Can't trust a E, 'cause these bitches dirty ('Cause these bitches dirty)
I feel like Gleesh when I clutch my .30 (Uh)
Get out the streets, bitch, you touchin' thirty (Touchin', uh)
Dski been trappin', he just touched a thirty (Touched a-, uh)
Rich O be cappin' but you know that's brodie (Yeah)
Uh, ayy, Booka put the switch on for me broski (Broski)
Uh, these niggas lookin' like these niggas know me (Know me)
Yeah, you ain't my brother, you ain't my dawg or homie (Homies)
We got poppin', now they all our homies (Woo, gang)
I just had a threesome with two thick bitches (Let's get it)
They just suckin' dick 'cause I don't lick bitches (Gang, woo, gang)
He know I fucked his BM, now he sick with it (Gang, gang, gang)
Shot in his shit so when he spit, you know he twitch with it
Hellcats and Trackhawks (Let's get it)
They got Timmy on the turn up, finna blast-off (Go)
He wouldn’t got caught for that body, took his mask off (Take is mask off)
She a ungrateful lil' bitch, I take her ass off (Take her ass off)
Give me them titties back, bitch
They call my phone like, "Get them glizzys back", bitch
Tell your favorite rapper we ain't feelin' that, bitch
Tell your favorite trapper we ain't hearin' that (Let's get it)
He want four thou' but I got two, so nigga give me that (Man, give me that)
This stick up easy, this shit pity pat (This shit pity pat)
Know how I bleed, this where my city at (Where my city at)
I'm from the 'Raq, you know it's litty there (You know it's litty there)
I ain't never bleed, that rap’ll get me there (Yeah)
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  • Ohh so it was lil durk doin that i saw him doin the video i thought it was random ass nigga🤣

    El FŁAŃEl FŁAŃ7 мүнөт мурун
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  • neva fails. !!

    Hollaa KikiHollaa Kiki22 мүнөт мурун
  • Got lil timmy on the turner finna blast off

    Joel EmbiidJoel Embiid28 мүнөт мурун
  • Pleeeaasssee free lil Steve, yeah I call em curry. Heeee be to hisself but he uhh catch a murdah!

    John PettersonJohn Petterson35 мүнөт мурун

    OneTjOneTj47 мүнөт мурун
  • I lost respect for all them hellcats and trackhawk when I saw the red key 😂

    Imortal SoulImortal Soul51 мүнөт мурун
  • I dig the GD jacket. DH in the houzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

    Alex MAlex MСаат мурун
  • This the first time I really looked at Jerry's skills and... yeah tuff...... clarity..on time effects... I love all parts and involved parties.. every detail.. this collab a Monster.... #Durk #OTF #JerryProduction Last time I felt this way was with #CreativeControl

    Core CreationsCore CreationsСаат мурун
  • You my favorite rapper I been a fan of your music since 2010

    Timothy TaylorTimothy Taylor4 саат мурун
  • I'm bout to beat someone beacuse of this song🤦🏿‍♂️

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  • This Song makes me want to shoot my Phone and call it a screenshot

  • These lyrics sound alot like something von would rap🤔.Hope Durk ain’t copying his unreleased material.

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