Taco Truck Secrets | Gabriel Iglesias

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

жүктөп алуу



  • Completely true!!!! 😁

    Cyclone SisterCyclone Sister4 күн мурун
  • After watching fluffy videos i really want to visit Mexico Like : DAMN!

    Umer SHKUmer SHK5 күн мурун
  • My Grandma could make a gentle little noise that could destroy grown men.

    Brad BrownfieldBrad Brownfield14 күн мурун
  • we do that sound in my island too XD

    2st2st17 күн мурун
  • Works the same in Hebrew and Arabic too

    גיא שעשועגיא שעשוע19 күн мурун
  • 1:44 in South Africa we also have that sound

    Kobus JacobsKobus Jacobs20 күн мурун
  • Indians have a sound too

    Nitin KorupoluNitin Korupolu24 күн мурун
  • Tacos TACOS

    Sebastian MarlowSebastian Marlow26 күн мурун
  • Indians too make speak like that(that aah thing)

    Armaan AhujaArmaan Ahuja28 күн мурун
  • As a South African, we make those sounds alot

    Tariq ErnstzenTariq ErnstzenАй мурун
  • broo, Indonesians does

    Bima AdityaBima AdityaАй мурун
  • 1:04 wow kid #dave fan

    Annanth SangwanAnnanth Sangwan2 ай мурун
  • Mexicans do it a lot. Ive watched some tv series

    FireJachFireJach2 ай мурун
  • Can i have a tako?

    Emem SamuelEmem Samuel2 ай мурун
  • actually Polish have that sound too, but it's more like ,,EHHHHH"

    JenJen2 ай мурун
  • Hey fluffy something to learn Ah IS word😂, (used as an exclamation of pain, surprise, pity, complaint, dislike, joy, etc., according to the manner of utterance.)

    MoneyGod vGMoneyGod vG3 ай мурун
  • Lol

    IncoX GhostlyOdinIncoX GhostlyOdin3 ай мурун
  • O

    Imanol_salazarImanol_salazar3 ай мурун
  • Lived in Mexico for 5 years and those taco's trucks are AWESOME !!!

    John KeithJohn Keith3 ай мурун
  • Romanian people have that sound too. It's freaking annoying :)

    Andrei IugaruAndrei Iugaru3 ай мурун
  • Can a have a taco

    NecoNeco3 ай мурун
  • Min 1:58 the part that he is talking about the sound Mexican makes made me lough a lot because where I am from that is Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 that sound sometimes mens the same thing

    nicole alborsnicole albors3 ай мурун
  • Min 1:58 the part that he is talking about the sound Mexican makes made me lough a lot because where I am from that is Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 that sound sometimes mens the same thing

    nicole alborsnicole albors3 ай мурун
  • My dad used a chopped version of that sound (he's not mexican, btw).

    Tommie JönssonTommie Jönsson3 ай мурун
  • It’s true señoras at restaurants and food trucks are thee nicest women ever they always greet you with hola amor or hola joven if your older lol then after when then hand your plate they’ll be like ten corazon lol

    Rene GarciaRene Garcia3 ай мурун
  • Reading the comments r almost as funny as the story

    BetaWolfBetaWolf3 ай мурун
  • nz has the same thing but its a sh its like a 1sec hissing sounds

    Dr. Gr33n thumbDr. Gr33n thumb3 ай мурун
  • Taco trucks are the best thing aside from a good blowjob.

    B. W.B. W.3 ай мурун
  • I want to see him in person...he is a Real gem👆He do Pure Comedy

    Vaibhav JoshiVaibhav Joshi3 ай мурун
  • Arabs have one too, “ EUFFFFFFFF”

    Aru -o-Aru -o-4 ай мурун
  • Us Natives make the same noise lol

    TheBearThatGrows TMTheBearThatGrows TM4 ай мурун
  • I just got a trump wall add before this wtf 😭

    bnrbnr4 ай мурун
  • My step grandpa was Mexican and I remember hearing that a lot

    Grady CerusoGrady Ceruso4 ай мурун
  • Any reason the outtro takes 4 miles off the end of the tape?

    Robeon MewRobeon Mew4 ай мурун
  • Gabriel :D This actually work in czech rep. :D Bro you are the best

    Patrik BergerPatrik Berger4 ай мурун
  • 1:56 israeli do it as well. and that "aaaaaaah" is usually followed by trying to get you to buy more stuff xD

    Ran ShermanRan Sherman4 ай мурун
  • danish people have that sound too

    Mike IversholtMike Iversholt4 ай мурун
  • AHHH it's making amazing progress in India 😂😂

    Mohd sufiyanMohd sufiyan5 ай мурун
  • As a Mexican I can say that his Mexican lady accent is on point and sound just like my abuelita. I have also gotten that same ahhhhhhh sound from a lot of my family.

    sawcesawce5 ай мурун
  • Best part ever. Fluffy: Hello! Mexican Woman: Hola, mi gordito, ¿cómo estás? ¿Cómo está ese gordito chulito? Ese gordito. Qué bonito. A ver, a ver. Ojitos, ojitos, ojitos. Fluffy: Can I have a taco? Mexican Woman: Whatever you want, mijito. A taquito for you! Second best part ever. Fluffy: HELLO!!! Mexican Man: ¿Qué chingados quieres, pinche gordo? What do you want? What do you want?! Fluffy: Hey, what's up, bro? Can I have a taco? Mexican Man: Okay. What else? Fluffy: That's it. **smacks tongue** Ahh.

    MasterSproutGamerMasterSproutGamer5 ай мурун
    • @Shel Behave Me too.

      MasterSproutGamerMasterSproutGamer4 ай мурун
    • @MasterSproutGamer haha....awesome. Thank you. The bit is pretty accurate lol. I love taco trucks.

      Shel BehaveShel Behave4 ай мурун
    • @Shel Behave Hello, my little fatty, how are you? How are you, my cute little fatty. You're fat. You're beautiful. Look, look at my eyes, look at my eyes.

      MasterSproutGamerMasterSproutGamer4 ай мурун
    • Please translate 🤓

      Shel BehaveShel Behave5 ай мурун
  • Friend says "look let play fortnite " me "tsk, ahhhh" friend "find I switch to apex " PS apex legends Is better

    coolkingcoolking5 ай мурун
  • 1:55 Serbians are similar to Mexican people. They also have AAAAHHH...

    Web Programiranje KonsultacijeWeb Programiranje Konsultacije5 ай мурун
  • When he looks old in the vid, he look young in the thumbnail When he looks young in the vid, he looks old in the thumbnail wtf?

    twosixtwosix5 ай мурун
  • tsk*** AHHH is the mexican version of hmmhm for white people, its not a word and is means nothing.... yet it can mean anything...

    Shelby BellisShelby Bellis5 ай мурун
  • Funny til the heart attack.

    pepeshoppingpepeshopping5 ай мурун
  • I always hear that witch is not even a word but I understand it 😂

    Pizza ManPizza Man5 ай мурун
  • nahh u know a badass taco truck whn hella abuelitas lined up for some. them hoes be for all the grandkids

    mosesisdaddymosesisdaddy5 ай мурун
  • Love you Gabe

    That Guy IsaacThat Guy Isaac5 ай мурун
  • When fluffy did the Mexican lady impression, it immediately reminded me of my Grandma. So that brought back happy memories.

    Lala SketchesLala Sketches5 ай мурун
  • Chistosito! Que chingados quieres pinche gordo, wa yu wan? 😄 by the way I’m Mexican and my Asian ex girlfriend hated my aahhhhh but I can’t help it. Its in my DNA.

    Sergio Carvajal MercadoSergio Carvajal Mercado5 ай мурун
  • As a Mexican I can relate to the AHHHHH

    Beast Master GamingBeast Master Gaming6 ай мурун
    • Me too

      • im sorry im sorry •• im sorry im sorry •6 ай мурун
  • 2020: 2727

    Alexandra DelliouAlexandra Delliou6 ай мурун
  • No not only Mexicans have that sound! In my country we have that similar type expression nd i bet there's at least few dozen other countries out there expresses same expression with some peculiar noise!

    R VASKOR VASKO6 ай мурун
  • Not only Mexican do that we in chile also make noises hahahah

    Roxanna SepulvedaRoxanna Sepulveda6 ай мурун
  • 1:45 my grandma does that.

    Ulises HernandezUlises Hernandez6 ай мурун
  • "fine i'll be a whore" 😂😂

    Black and White ArtBlack and White Art6 ай мурун
  • I don't think customer service is anyone's strongest point at 1 o'clock in the morning.

    MasterQ 19MasterQ 196 ай мурун
  • 🌮 tacos are my favorite food alongside burritos 🥙.

    Ritchie NavarroRitchie Navarro6 ай мурун
  • There is a universal sound that sounds like that when asked to do something when your tired and lazy I think that is it either that or a sigh and grunt at the same time sort of deal

    Dave ThmDave Thm6 ай мурун
  • discord.gg/4ppCPZ

    Donny The DimDonny The Dim6 ай мурун
  • kan i have a tako?!??!

    JohnsWorldsJohnsWorlds6 ай мурун
  • My ex girlfriend was mexican and the amount of time she would to that in a text in person its like ok your disappointed or upset but over text its just ok your pisted

    Zeref dragneelZeref dragneel6 ай мурун
  • Not only mexican people Gabe, Brazilians have that sound too. And we use it a lot. kkkkk

    Carla GuskumaCarla Guskuma6 ай мурун
  • Can someone tell me what he was saying in Spanish. I don speak Spanish lol

    Spongebob SquarenailsSpongebob Squarenails6 ай мурун
  • As a Brazilian...i strongly relate with the: ''*tsc**AAAAH''.

    IrugaIruga6 ай мурун
  • I just got a job at the soviet union bomber squad *tsk* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

    Hamza's vlogsHamza's vlogs6 ай мурун
  • In the Philippines we have something similar.

    Izuku But moderately evilIzuku But moderately evil6 ай мурун
  • You still doing your preforming stuff in the middle of a virus

  • Guatemalans have that discrediting sound too if you don’t believe me visit Guatemala

    Gladys CGladys C6 ай мурун
  • Indians also have a similar sound!

    Hemanth MonalHemanth Monal6 ай мурун

    InflightCMInflightCM6 ай мурун
  • For us Dominicans, that *tsk* AHHHH is ZA!

    Karla P SantosKarla P Santos6 ай мурун
  • True 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Daniel AlvaradoDaniel Alvarado6 ай мурун
  • *FLUFFY: Happy Cinco de Mayonnaise!*

    contreradoscontrerados6 ай мурун
  • Big Mexican fella,,I love you 💖💖💖💖

    Fultoo MazaaFultoo Mazaa6 ай мурун
  • Taco truck... Best tacos EVER!!! I used to live in Tampa, Fl. And close to where I used to live there was a truck. AMAZING! I'd give anything to have those tacos right now

    Dely RiveraDely Rivera6 ай мурун
  • FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY HEY IT'S FLUFFY bro im a HUGE FAN fluffy love ur videos

    Caleb DunkCaleb Dunk6 ай мурун
  • Hey Fluffy, even my language has that magic sound with the exact same superpower. LoL.

    alec984alec9846 ай мурун
  • Dear Mexican people your sound does not work on me it makes me angry

    Roger DoughtyRoger Doughty6 ай мурун
  • I just got elected as the president! Aahhh, no me importa.

    PodRoePodRoe6 ай мурун
  • gabriel: i just graduated college, top of my class - ahhh! also gabriel: *starts to look around angry and confused*

    Sebastian MSebastian M6 ай мурун
  • Omg the "aaahhh" part got me my dad and mom always do that and I have never seen someone give it such asn accurate defintion of what it means XD

    Kayla OrnelasKayla Ornelas6 ай мурун
  • English got that ahhhh thing! It's "Eh" or "Meh"!

    beeg thonkbeeg thonk6 ай мурун
  • u don't research the vendors!!

    Paul FisherPaul Fisher6 ай мурун
  • Did I just hear the words “no permit?”

    FBIFBI6 ай мурун
    • Ahhhhhhhhhh

      Murphy Über AllesMurphy Über Alles29 күн мурун
    • No you did not Federal Bureau of Investigations

      PyroTechUserPyroTechUserАй мурун
    • *Tic* Aaaaaahhhhh!

      HastyBubbles 339HastyBubbles 3394 ай мурун
    • *AHHHHHHH*

      Nube-GamerNube-Gamer4 ай мурун
    • Yees he did there too damn expensive to get one. By experience I tell you.

      Agustina RodriguezAgustina Rodriguez5 ай мурун
  • To the person reading this comment:I hope you have AAAAAAH good day😂

    Gowtham PBGowtham PB6 ай мурун
  • Fluffy

    SprootSproot6 ай мурун
  • If there is only one person in the truck Walk on by. If there is a baby in the truck Walk on by. If there is a cockroach crawling on the glass Walk on by. Otherwise, taco trucks are great.

    Ams B4DaFunkAms B4DaFunk6 ай мурун
  • why do people who will eat taco bell turn their noses up at a taco truck ???? seriously all the sudden your a snob. get over it !

    Kaptain KmannKaptain Kmann6 ай мурун
  • I need to learn how to make that sound. Something tells me it would serve me well...

    ReallyReally6 ай мурун
  • I’m native and fuck we always do that 😂😂 ahhhh

    Sox A7Sox A76 ай мурун
  • Lol that's why they only open at night in Vegas...no permit..lol

    Vegas SweetieVegas Sweetie6 ай мурун
  • emmmm we also do this LOL hahahah im of eastern arab christen decent we do this all the time LOL

    sukruoostensukruoosten6 ай мурун
  • "I feel like a kid im like *teeny voice* can i have a taco??" Killed me

    Nicole MooneNicole Moone6 ай мурун
  • Go subscribe to: trippy B0i

    William OhWilliam Oh6 ай мурун
  • " Do you have any references from your previous employers ? " " Mahhhhh! " " Excuse me sir I am white. I don't know what that sound means." " Could you please explain what you mean by making that sound? " " To me that sound is similar to a sheep in heat." " Just so you know giving me oral sex will not improve you chances of getting this job." " Shiiiiit." " Excuse me? Shit? Where is there poop? I don't see any." " Dam it essay I don't have any references." " Essay? No essays. A hand written essay is not required. We have a ten question multiple choice exam to score your comprehension of the english language." " Excuse me. I have to put money in the parking meter. " TEN MINUTES LATER " I don't think he is going to return to the interview." " What make you say that? " " We have free public parking and he just left to put money in a parking meter. The closest one is five miles away." " Okay let's call in the next applicant. "

    Ryan LesnerRyan Lesner6 ай мурун

    Ben CarpenterBen Carpenter6 ай мурун
  • As a Mexican kid I know this sound way to well

    BCLT470BCLT4706 ай мурун
  • Ü

    Tina SabinTina Sabin6 ай мурун
  • Some of this dude’s shit is funny but he’s a. Hollywood PC cat nowadays.

    Julius CaesarJulius Caesar6 ай мурун