Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3

Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

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  • It does work. Thank you

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  • 2:22 how is he is a cremate when he can vent

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  • 2:01 300IQ

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  • 3:08 I already got that trick

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  • Part 4 pls :)

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  • Hey clash you can do call of duty mobile pro tricks and glitches

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  • The most place I die in is elec

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  • Ep.4

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  • 3:11 I never drag I always click

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  • I play among us

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  • when you are in match and forget all tips and tricks le you : nooooooooooooo screaminggggggggggggg and kill randmoly anyone and get voteout

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  • how can i get candy hat

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  • Make content on brawl stars! I would love to watch it. Tips and tricks

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  • So for the sabotage crewmate thing it’s not certain but very likely for them to be your cremate because if u press the sabotage button before u go onto a vent or in cams u could still sabotage. For cams if it is flashing red and they on cams yes, it is impossible because they are actually looking on cams

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  • 3:12 I already do that 😌

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  • 0:29 You can actually do this at any point, just swipe it, stop it for a sec, then continue swiping. Trust me, it actually works. I’ve tried it many times and it works.

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  • ha ha

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  • Youre wrong about the cams one if you click the sabotage button and than walk up to cams your sabotage screen stays up and you can just act like your on cams

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  • Sir please explain the admin table

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  • this is awsome this really works thankyou so much for making this keep it up!!!

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  • I really like the disconnecting one I think that one will help a lot

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  • For the security and sabotage thing you can hit sabotage and keep it on the screen and then walk up to the cams it’s really that easy and not impossible

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  • Also want to add that opening the emergency button will also freeze the kill cooldown.

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  • There’s another way to swipe a card Swipe the card fast 3 times, some of you know this trick

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  • Its real all real im doing the addmin card its work

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  • thank you so much this help so much!

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  • The trick that you said where you can't sabotage when on security or the task in electrical does not work if imposter clicked sabotage before they walked up to it

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  • 1:52 - 2:32 false bc the imposter can click savotage before going over that pecific area

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  • “The fitness gram pacer test”

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  • Omg because of your tips always win thanks

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  • Can you do pubg again pls

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  • 4:03 again disagree woth that not only it ppl blame you already cuz you act sus than but also ppl will blame the player that wasn't with you so yh but most you get blame yourself woth no defence and you looking sus already same in storage

    KyoyaKyoya11 саат мурун
  • 2:56 i do disagree with this because it does work ppl go to right side but also they go around from bottom to left and around all the way to right side so ain't work or even if you do it in sec or reac ppl go there and see you or see body dead rather than go and do o2 or comms so

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  • 2:21 but crewmates can't vent

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    • @no e yeah, but its still useful on 1.

      RetroRetro2 саат мурун
    • Well that's if its a one imposter game, if it were 2 or 3 they could still be an impostor.

      no eno e10 саат мурун
    • And thats it. If that person would be an impostor then he would not be able to sabotage there, so if sabotage happens when someone is standing there he isnt an impostor.

      RetroRetro10 саат мурун
  • The fitness gram pacer text is a multi stage aerobic capacity test that progressive gets harder as it continues

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  • Me:impostster Me:hehhhhehe One sec:game ends Me:WWWWUUUUUUUT!!!😠🙄

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  • 1:55 yes it can be because if they open the sabotage panel before they enter and sprint towards the cameras and pretend they are watching they still can sabotage

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  • I did the swiping card

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  • Thanks so much for your tips! Now I’m gonna go in games and name myself detective

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  • how are you sus no matter what you do your just a bully

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  • at 1:55 it says whatever right but if your impostor you can press sabotage then go where the cams are that is what do

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  • Another Tip if somebody suspects you when you are imposter tell them to watch you do a task by looking at the taskbar and then just stand by the task until somebody else finishes a task and walk away

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  • Hi I'm Tamil Nadu please put new among us ideas

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  • For the people who don’t know how to do the card task😂

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  • Does anyone actually drag the pointer at the navigation front table?

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  • Fun story with the sabotage and vent button: I wanted to sabotage the lights,kill a person in electrical and I would win the round.I VENTED while they were doing tasks and they had no idea what color I was so we skipped the voting. I won,obviously

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  • I get paid to play this at work thanks to having a stint of diarrhea.

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  • Legend says that electrical is the most dangerous place in the skeld

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  • Can this work on mobile

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  • This is so cool

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  • The reactor example wouldnt work bc the person on cams would see that you didnt go there

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  • Thay still can do a sabatos at a cam or vent just walk to one with the sabotage map nher cam or on the vent

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  • Imagine having trouble with card swipe bruh

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  • What if someone clicked the sabotage map and thwn standed near the security cam and vent... 🙄

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  • Amazing tips

  • Hey i think you know the pubg will unban now

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  • but if an impostor opens the sabotage before they go over a vent/cctv/admin then they aren't clear since they can sabotage there

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  • I play on computer do you

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  • You can press sabotag and walk to the vent/security 1:55 also this strat only works on 1 Impostor

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  • 3:30 i did the same with red but they blame me when me and red saw the body

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  • We need more pubg mobile

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  • Thanks for the tips and tricks i used them and they r really useful

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  • Can we just appreciate this video has tons of language opitions

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  • 2:21 but crewmates can’t vent That’s sus!

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  • How would they be a cremate if the *VENT* button replaces the sabotage button 🤨

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  • I got banned from 2 servers for hacking even though I wasn't?? All I saw was pink vent away from body and it banned me

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  • Part 4

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  • I panic when I become Imposter and I don't want to kill because I get nervous and thinking someone will see me 🤣🤣

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  • U were wrong they could click sabotage and then walk over a vent... while the sabotage map shows... and click on O2 or Reactor or whatever xD

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  • Bruh I thought this is new the thumbnail just changrd

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  • After watching this i play among us and ur trick works:)

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  • Here’s a tip for mobile or computer if your a fast clicker, When you see the yellow at the Empty Garbage close the task. This can also save you more time if your in a rush.

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  • “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings.” (btw small youtuber just looking for your support) I Did not Create The Quote. Just Want To Spread Positivity.

  • "If a sabotage occurs and someone is standing on a vent, you can confirm that he is a CrewMate since the vent button covers the sabotage." 2:22 😅

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    • Haaaahaaahaaa no one noticed that xd

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  • by the way theres a guy on tiktok named tricksamongus who only posts ur videos without credits and has 320k followers, just wanted to let u know🙂

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  • Bro 2:12 pe wrong tip hai esa bhi to ho sakta hai ki vo imposter ho lekin usne sabotage na kiya ho iske partner ne kiya ho

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  • Your so helpful to know the impostor or win as impostor I always win as impostor because of your helpful videos

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