The vanishing pencil! (Tutorial) 🤐 #shorts

Crazy trick!

жүктөп алуу



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  • Eres super con la magia

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  • Can we see the results

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  • I am always getting nervious after watching this guy🗿

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  • That’s so possible man that’s the best magic trick bro you stick a yellow pencil in your finger

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  • Cringe

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  • At first I think there will no bisabebusabebu and another boring song while listening arcade but then my rage goes to next level listening the same music .How rudely can a man insulted soo nice song arcade

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  • Please can anybody tell me the name of the first song🥺😭😭♥️

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  • عادي لو سويت مقلب سهل و اعرف شلون اسوي

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  • What is up with ur pinky?!

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  • Name for this dong

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  • This is not magic ✨

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  • You looks like niko avoccado actually

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  • Ты настаящый фокусник но ты раскрываёш секреты

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  • I see the pencil is not van vanishing card is not real i don't know why the pencil is not real is real right now you see what it's a Trick

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  • Si hases un truco de magia que no lo padramos descubri te damos2000k

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  • parang tanga naman waahhahah

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  • Arcade

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  • Oh that was so clear the first time I couldn't even see it because you just had a pencil in your hand I think but then the second time clear clear clear clear clear clear

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  • gua malah salfok sama lagu nya njir lagu attack on titan😂

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  • He always says here.we.go I’m ready, let’s do this😆

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  • You are really good

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  • Song pliss

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  • Music : arcade

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  • I see the shadow

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  • good job, it looked nice

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  • Stop posting your focuses and show us your sister Lana.

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  • isaw it this boy is really blind😒😒😒

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  • It looks really good in the first part but the second part makes me feel like “how did I not notice it?”

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  • Je t'ai vu tu as fait tomber le truc avec le bois qui est coupé la trouille et le crayon je t'ai vu je vois tout

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  • Es mentira sebe cuando lodobla

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  • what is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

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    • eiffel 69 blue

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  • Ok here we go 🤗 OP amazingly vanishing the tricks 😁

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  • düşük əlində körsəni

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  • Wow the first time I thought his magic trick was cool but then his weird expressions and that clap in the end made it all worse -_-

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  • Cheater🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • K h tu duniya n ku bakave h

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  • Hello can I get pinned 😅

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  • I like your vidieos because your magic illusion

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  • F8firi4otitigu😡

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  • Sometimes I feel bad for his friends.I wonder if he iritatte s them with his so called magic tricks.

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  • you so very oa magician

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  • Katempo eta kan tolol

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  • Okay I'm not going to throw sarcasm this time it was hell smooth.

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  • He's so cranky with his hands

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  • Name that song that you used in intro

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  • What ia the name of this song?

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    • arcade

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  • Can u not do real magic and just stop tryin act like a girl

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