Michelle vs. The Queen of Twitch and The King of YouTube

PogChamps is BACK! In this video, Michelle Khare takes on Pokimane and MrBeast. An epic chess tournament featuring MrBeast, Pokimane, Rainn Wilson, Neeko, xQc, Sardoche, Ludwig, and many others.
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0:00 Intro
1:07 GAME 1
10:03 GAME 2
14:31 GAME 3
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  • Roszman was saying the n word a lot, so maybe it is alright for him to be racist. He did say it many times in tournaments which I sawed.

    ネーブルオレンジネーブルオレンジ26 күн мурун
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  • Why is the like/dislike ratio so bad?

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    • there was a controversy where he played an Indonesian player like a week ago and the guys account got banned... now there has been a mass of Indonessians (maybe mostly bots) disliking his videos

      C MartinC MartinАй мурун
    • Indonesians got offended when he suspected an indonesian chess player of cheating (with logical reason of course). So people reported that account and it is now banned from chess.com. mass reporting doesn't directly ban anyone tho he really could've been cheating.

      Sirius BlackSirius BlackАй мурун
    • Cuz of the indonesia thing

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  • ur courses make us noob... u dont deserve world champion title

    • I mean, he is far from a world champion... I don't know why you would think he would ever try to become world champion lol

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    • Who is say he the chess god dude? LMAO

      Om Pay OfficialOm Pay Official21 күн мурун
    • @Om Pay Official it’s ok to admit when we’re wrong. So go on

      AshFinessemAshFinessem21 күн мурун
    • @AshFinessem lol

      Om Pay OfficialOm Pay Official21 күн мурун
    • HAHAHA dewa kipas just lost against Irene 3-0 and made horrible moves. The dude clearly isnt the chess god you thought he was. Bet you feel stupid now.

      AshFinessemAshFinessem21 күн мурун
  • Lose banned thanks

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  • kgcode.info/stream/a6LMpdCBhr17pHc/video.html

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  • You play chess to lose, and think your opponent is cheating! That proves you are very stupid ..

    Adik AdinAdik AdinАй мурун
  • reporting a player after a bad lose is a very weak move :)) #StandWithDewaKipas DOWNVOTE HIM

    Pls dont get infectedPls dont get infectedАй мурун
    • @foun E sorry for bad english

      Gamers YoutubeGamers YoutubeАй мурун
    • I don't think you play chess online enough to understand wtf is going on

      foun Efoun EАй мурун
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  • King of youtube: Mr beast Pewdiepie: Oh....ok..

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  • the end just made me smile after having a bad day :D

    sevenBugsevenBugАй мурун
  • tbh this was a very instructive game for me I'm still a beginner such a intense game for almost 700s I don't think there rating is accurate with more play

    NeoncandiNeoncandiАй мурун
  • Wisdom. Big Picture: Life is long. 25:35

    William Jones ChessWilliam Jones ChessАй мурун
  • 05:02 she allowed herself to be opened up ! That’s sus Gotham

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  • Abandon Simp Return Monke

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  • Another title: *Levi having a stroke on how many blunders they just made in 10 - 5 minutes*

    Gab GargaceranGab GargaceranАй мурун
  • Mr Beast is the prince of KGcode

    Andrija VasićAndrija VasićАй мурун
  • I’m no GM, and I like this pogchamps promoting chess thing... but this is some of the worst chess I’ve ever seen.

    Jason FuquaJason FuquaАй мурун
  • Amazing as usual Levi

    WinterminatiorWinterminatiorАй мурун
  • no trill. game results got revealed at 1st minute of the video

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  • Constellation bracket? No? Just me? Thanks. 😛

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    Wayne HongWayne HongАй мурун
  • levy hitting us with some philosohy

    LucasDominicLucasDominicАй мурун
  • i started at christmas at 400 by losing most games and now i am 1150 ;D

    MariaMariaАй мурун
  • Those are 600 rating games? Wow. I would give Michelle at least 1100 based on first two games. So solid.

    Pawel PabianPawel PabianАй мурун
  • Day 1 telling Levy I love him more than I love my wife

    Parker ProductionsParker ProductionsАй мурун
  • 19:17 ifffffff...

    AbstractAbstractАй мурун
  • could you pls make a video on how to evaluate whether a trade is good or not

    Aayan KibriaAayan KibriaАй мурун
  • You can't know everything, Meanwhile superGM's playing a theory line of 14 moves from a game they played 8years 6months and 24 days ago

    Tim NauwelaersTim NauwelaersАй мурун
  • Yes with respect to resigning, I was down a lot but my buddy literally just hung his queen and I won the game. We both laughed about it.

    Glicha SashaGlicha SashaАй мурун
  • "King Money Flasher and Queen Simp" fixed it for you.

    jimbobbyrnesjimbobbyrnesАй мурун
  • I thought the king is PewDiePie

    Vladimir LeninVladimir LeninАй мурун
  • Michelle who has been playing for a month is playing better than me and I've been playing since I was a kid.

    KeinliebKeinliebАй мурун
  • this mans uploads are so frequent idk why he has under 1mil hes a youtube LEGEND

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  • She’s beat you 3 times and you’ve won once... hikaru would never allow this.

    No NameNo NameАй мурун
  • "The truth is that, it's chess, but in the big picture it doesn't matter too much. Life is long, okay? Take your knocks when you lose, don't get frustrated. Go back to the drawing board, improve. You will see progress as time goes on." -GothamChess, 2021

    KamikyodaiKamikyodaiАй мурун
  • Damn levy must be pretty stacked with aderall

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  • If you ever feel useless, remember people dislike these amazing chess recaps

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  • gotham i went from 1200 to 900 elo in 3 days help

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