JackBoy - Struggle (Directed by @CMGxBreezy)

Directed by: CMGXBreezy

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  • Love jackboy FreeKodak

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  • Fire 🔥

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  • Goat

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  • 0:16 sniper on da roof playin peek a boo bihh

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  • and lyrics thi a boogies

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  • stal- you stole a sample

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  • He came a long way

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  • Chess move frfr

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  • I fuck y'all both but look think like a General

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  • Played my shit right ran Boston

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  • Fire 🔥 hits

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  • lol was like ima check dude out.he trash lol

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  • The only thing you takin from me is a slug nigga

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  • He copied a boogie

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  • Jackboy if u reading dis don’t Neva stop my nigga eat eat eat you on ur way stg 💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🎶💯💯

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  • JackBoy Excellent Rap

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  • 19’

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  • Still slappin 2k19

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  • The game got a nigga trapped feeling like pacman 😶😶🤑🤑😠😠

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  • What song was this beat from?

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    • Aaron Brooks jungle by a boogie

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  • This videos dope asf.

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  • All Summer 2019 Long Blazing Moving Weight Abk W/h

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  • Who still bumpin in 2019 going hard sg13 free jackboy

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  • Tryin to be like boggie wit da hoodie

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  • Shits fireee

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  • The game got a nigga trapping feeling like Pacman all black like Batman late night Robbin Niggas already know strapped with the cannon Niggas already know like I gotta have it Gotta take it fast money imma chase it To my crumbs in the loaf youngin had to save it Ducking the law moving like the matrix know These niggas flaw want me in cages Bitch acting like she really love a nigga Ain't hold me down in jail so you can't cuff a nigga Wonder how she out tore the other nigga No shopping spree bitch ask the other nigga! Fuck with you why would I fuck with you? Hoe I can't even put my trust in you Hoe you been out here gettin ran thru, can't change you thats how your momma raised you Saucin' Jack Boy saucin' Play my cards right I ran me a Boss then Street life got a nigga moving cautious Up top touchdown Randy Mossin Judge hit me with the book, I still ain't learn shit Fresh out of prison plotting on another lick Fiending for that cash now my wrist worth a brick Some old bowels got the cash doin flips Pull in stunts jet always in the mix Elevate my sound leveled up on it Fuck your whole clique boy I'm really on it Come address that I'm posted on 1800 Nigga this is what the struggle do Got it off the muscle so I flex with the loot (2x) Sippin dirty drank blowing pounds of the stank All smiles LOL to the bank I was just in prison, walking round with a shank Not one time, did you hear me complain So it's fuck niggas I don't trust niggas Main one that crosss you over is the one that thug witcha Only thing you takin from me is a slug nigga, so stop that sneak dissin, go head and run up, is you sus nigga? Nigga this is what the struggle do Got it off the muscle so I flex with the loot (5x)

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  • 🔥🔥26-13-06 $hit💯💯

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  • who else sleeped on this nigga till December 2018

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  • Free jack boy ik what I'm saying sniper gang free john wicks

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  • Jackboy rly is da truth

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  • Way harder than kodak.

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    • lmao kodak was harder back then

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  • That boii snapped on em

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  • Free Jackboy. ..been outchea getting ran thru, I can't change you that's how ya mama raised you😂

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  • Jackboy going innn

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  • Gotta take it fast money I'ma chase it💯

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  • Florida sheeet bittchhh

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  • Jackboy def knows what that jungle do!!

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  • Stop that sneakin dissing it’s just us nigga run up!!

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  • the game trapping got a nigga feeling like PAC man

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  • #FreeJackBoy

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  • Can’t change you thats how yo momma raised u🙄

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  • Fuck nigga I don't trust nigga main one cross you over is the one that thug with you.

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  • street life got a nigga moving cautious

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  • This shit go hard man jackboy keep doing your thing

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  • This finally at a milli

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  • #FreeJackboy 2018 🦅

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  • this the beat to jungle by a bboogie with a hoodie

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  • Sniper Ganggg💯💯💯💯

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  • run up an get choppd up

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  • Dude at 2:48 needa pull his pants up

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  • Free Jackboy😈🏪

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  • Banger

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  • Pandora brought me here

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  • Free Jackboy

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  • Sounds just like jungle by boogie wit the hoodie

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  • #FreeJackboy

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  • all black like blackman late nite robin ⛽🔥🔥

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  • Free Jack Boy

  • Bangin this in the Bahamas

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  • This shit so hard 🔥

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  • This guy needs to get on the radio

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  • This that shit right here

  • nigga this is what the struggle do

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  • Only 1M??? Wtf

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  • This is the beat from jungle - a boogie with a hoodie

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  • This like his own no flockin

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  • Glee🤑

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  • #FreeJackboy

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  • Flow straight fire bih

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  • I relate to much to this shit

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  • This my shit

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  • Next DMX

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  • I fuck with this track.... a boogie wit da hoodie went hard to tho

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  • Damn that's hott!!

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  • Isn't this the beat of A Boggie jungle

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