Snoop Dogg - Roaches In My Ashtray (feat. ProHoeZak) [Official Music Video]

The official music video for Snoop Dogg - Roaches In My Ashtray (feat. ProHoeZak)
From the new album FROM THA STREETS 2 THE SUITES out now!
Directed by Guap City
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Everytime I twist one up, you always need to come right on by (Come right on by, yeah)
You ain’t never got no money with you, always wanna get a free high (get a free high, yeah)
So don’t be fuckin with the roaches in my ashtray
Don’t be touching, not my roaches in my ashtray
I be loving all my roaches in my ashtray
So don’t be fuckin with the roaches in my ashtray
Nigga slid up in my car in my passenger seat
Talking my ears off, adjusting my beat
Stashed my heat up under my seat
Stepped out my ride holla’d at a few freaks
Take a couple flicks, mac a bitch
Baby what’s your name, passionate
Fashion Nova, fashion fit
Dogg where the weed at? Ain’t that a bitch
I’m gibbing right now, it’s Thanksgiving right now
Showing baby how I’m living right now
Clear the crowd, back to my car no squares in my circle
Bodyguard hard, could’ve swore I left a blunt in my ashtray
Little homie slid up on me, pulled a fast play, but this the last play
Don’t be fucking with my roaches in my ashtray
Hate to see ya coming, love it when you walk away
Everytime I twist one up, you always need to come right on by (Come right on by, yeah)
You ain’t never got no money with you, always wanna get a free high (get a free high, yeah)
So don’t be fuckin with the roaches in my ashtray
Don’t be touching, not my roaches in my ashtray
I be loving all my roaches in my ashtray
So don’t be fuckin with the roaches in my ashtray
Seat on recliner, suede headliner
Just pulled in Mel’s Diner, line of
Chevy’s, Lacs, name it it’s there
Fresh wet paint, leather interior
Players are everywhere
Nothing but love and good bud in the air
Guap took his camera out,
taking pictures of the homies in their cars
While they hittin switches, some knocking bitches
Me, I’m on a mission
Fuel injected, front end suspension
Wishing the whole world roll like we ride
There’s always one homie trying to get that free high
Shit never fails, yeah this shit for sale
Skip the bail, put the shit on scale
This the last day, for your last play
Quit fucking with the roaches in my ashtray
Everytime I twist one up, you always need to come right on by (Come right on by, yeah)
You ain’t never got no money with you, always wanna get a free high (get a free high, yeah)
So don’t be fuckin with the roaches in my ashtray
Don’t be touching, not my roaches in my ashtray
I be loving all my roaches in my ashtray
So don’t be fuckin with the roaches in my ashtray
Say man, you niggas think yall crafty huh?
Sitting in my car, adjusting my music
Telling me how sweet my car is
And all of a sudden my roaches is missing
Say man, don’t be fuckin with the roaches in my ashtray
You hear me?

#SnoopDogg #RoachesInMyAshTray #FromThaStreets2ThatSuites

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